Coconut Porter Hair & Whisker Wax™

Coconut Porter Hair & Whisker Wax™


Tame that mane.

Whether it’s the hair on your head, face (or anywhere else) that needs grooming - consider it tamed. Our Damn Handsome Hair & Whisker Wax™ is a nutrient rich, all-in-one hard wax that conditions, holds and texturizes. From hair to mustaches, beards to cracked hands. 

Handcrafted from a salvaged barber shop recipe with toasted notes of coconut & tobacco. Pairs handsomely with our Coconut Porter Shampoo & Body Bar.

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Key Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Candelilla Wax, Avocado Oil & Hops.

APPLICATION: Break in our Damn Handsome Hair & Whisker Wax™ by warming up wax. To warm, place tin in pocket or warm with fingers. For application scoop out a small amount of warm wax and apply as needed. This wax is one that truly gets better the more you use it. Store in cool, dry place. Never keep in pocket in extreme heat. Stay handsome. *Discontinue if irritation occurs.

  • For the hair: Provides a medium to heavy hold, conditioning and old-school feel. Washes out with shampoo. Style from root to end.
  • For the mustache: Conditions, adds nutrients and medium to heavy hold. Washes out with shampoo.
  • For the Beard: Tames fly aways and controls split ends. Provides hold for longer whiskers. Washes out with shampoo. Not meant for use in the body of, or overall beard - this amount of natural wax may leave whiskers feeling brittle.
  • Other uses: Apply to cracked skin at night, butcher blocks, cracked furniture, use as a women’s cuticle repair or fly away tamer.


All Damn Handsome oils are handcrafted in small batches using non-comedogenic vegetable oils and homegrown organic hops. *Always green conscious. Vegan & never tested on Animals.

Natural | Handcrafted | Vegan | Approx. 2oz