Beard Wash - Classic Blends

Beard Wash - Classic Blends


That beard of yours...give it a drink!

Traditional shampoos and soaps can leave those whiskers (and your face) feeling like bad hangover. So let us introduce you to your hangover cure: Damn Handsome Beard Wash. Our beard wash is a two-in-one beard and face friendly soap designed specifically for the bearded.

This daily soap is a healthy & hearty blend of argan oil, buttermilk, spent grains, hops and oatmeal to keep those whiskers hydrated, clean and ready to 'face' the day.

Choose your blend: 

  • American Ale: Classic note of Cedar & Musk.  
  • Hoppy Mint: Cool notes of Mint & Eucalyptus.  
  • Hop Naked: Unscented.
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Key Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil and Aloe Leaf Juice, Spent Grains & Hops.

All Damn Handsome Soaps are handcrafted in small batches using vegetable oils, spent grains and, of course, local beer. *Always green conscious & never tested on animals.

Natural | Handcrafted | Vegan | Approx. 2oz