Why Beer?

Beer can make the most benevolent of men to the most questionable of things… we decided to make soap. Out of beer. And then give some away to those in need.

At Damn Handsome grooming co we partner with craft breweries to re-purpose their brewed ingredients into natural, healthy provisions. These handsome handmade goods put beauty regimens aside and provide intoxicating grooming essentials for the modern man.


Our Mission: To provide men with damn good, hardworking products to help them look a just little more dapper, feel a hell of a lot more manly AND to create a company that is as sustainable as it is beneficial.


Our goods are those that work for you, naturally, and don’t take them selves too seriously. No fancy marketing, no misleading slogans. All of that replaced by function and the nobility in knowing that behind every purchase is an action that gives and doesn't take. At the end of the day I think that’s something we can all raise a glass to.


Handcrafted & Handsome 

We value what’s useful, what is classic, well-made, hardworking and long-lasting. This is why our goal when we started Damn Handsome was - and always will be - to sustain a brand that is useful without introducing more waste into the carbon cycle.

And because we are committed to the lives and livelihoods behind each product we produce it’s important to us that our provisions and price points empower customers to spend thoughtfully - since saving a few clams can often come at a high human and environmental cost.

We use only the finest vegetable oils and sustainable waxes. Our labels are printed locally on recycled chlorine-free paper and with soy ink whenever possible. We even repurpose beer bottles for soap refills and candles. Find out more about our raw goods and our process here.

Green Grains

In most breweries across the US approximately 90% of brewed ingredients go to waste, needless to say, we saw this as “untapped” potential, especially because many of those “bottom of the barrel” ingredients are naturally beneficial for your skin.

Brewer’s yeast is abundant with B vitamins, biotin and can help balance the pH of skin, regulate the production of sebum  - your skin’s natural oil - making it ideal for treating acne-prone and dry skin. Oats, hops, barley and wheat are mineral-rich super grains packed full of powerful antioxidants and proteins, which help preserve the texture of the skin and help repair damaged hair.  All the while, the  yeast's enzymes gently exfoliate dead, dry skin without any harsh abrasion - perfect for drier or sensitive skin. Not to mention, the maltose and sucrose sugars in beer tighten the hair's cuticles for enhanced shine and body

And don't even get us started on hops! These little beauties have been used as medicinal agents for ages, treating everything from ancient dermatitis to hair-loss. With antioxidant properties 100 times that of green tea, it's no wonder hops make beer so damn good.


Darn Good

In impoverished communities all over the world the leading causes of death in children - responsible for over 2.4 million deaths annually - are diseases that can be prevented with soap. Even basic hand-washing can cut morbidity rates in these communities by nearly 50% - and at Damn Handsome we are determined to help.

In 2014 we've partnered with non-profits like Clean the World to ensure that for every Damn Handsome purchase we distribute soap to a child in need. We believe that everyone has the right to be handsome. Click HERE to learn more.


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